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Office: (904)354-7258
Fax: (904) 355-3828
920 A. Phillip Randolph Blvd.
P.O. Box 3275
Jacksonville, FL. 32206

JMA/ILA Board of Trustees

A Board of Trustees, the members of which consist of three Labor Representatives and three Management Representatives, is the Plan Administrator and governs the Fund’s local activities. The daily operations are directed by and under the supervision of the Fund Administrator and Assistant Administrator.

George W. Spencer (Labor Co-Chairman)
ILA Local #1408
James R. Gray, Jr. (Management Co-Chairman)
Jacksonville Maritime Association
Executive Dir.
Charles F. Spencer (Labor Trustee)
Labor Leader, ILA Local #1408
Frank McBride (Management Trustee)
SSA Atlantic, LLC
Vice President Florida Operations
Lorenzo Spencer (Alt-Labor Trustee)
ILA Local # 1408
Craig Merson (Management Trustee)
Ceres Marine Terminals, Inc.
General Manager
Chase Solomon (Labor Trustee)
ILA Local #1593, Clerks & Checkers
Russell Wilson (Management Trustee)
Gulf Terminal International, LLC
Terminal Manager
Mark Ortega (President)
ILA Local #1593, Clerks & Checkers-Alt
Labor Trustee
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