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Office: (904)354-7258
Fax: (904) 355-3828
920 A. Phillip Randolph Blvd.
P.O. Box 3275
Jacksonville, FL. 32206

Fund Administrative Staff

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Erwin L. Lax
Fund Administrator
Lorraine S. Williams
Asst. Administrator
Cyndy Powell
Accounting Manager
Terrie Jacho-Swanigan
Administrative Coordinator
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Dahlia Kelly
Benefits Coordinator
  Samuel Torres
Project Manager
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  Reginald Williams
Container Inspector
Romia Johnson
Container Inspector
Anthony Roundtree
Payroll Coordinator
Petrene Caldwell
Darryl Alston
Temp Payroll
Raymond Williams
Temp Payroll Coordinator


Who to Contact for Fund Office Services:

Erwin Lax, Fund Administrator
Email:  elax@ilajax.com
·Board of Trustees
·Operations Management
·Fund Investments
·Third Party Consultants
·Actuary Services
·Container Royalty
Lorraine Williams, Asst. Administrator
Email:  lwilliams@ilajax.com
·Human Resources
·Quality Assurance
·Retirement Planning/Pension Processing
·Fringe Benefit Assessments/Collections
·Container Royalty Distributions
Cyndy Powell, Accounting Manager
Email:  cpowell@ilajax.com
·Compliance/Governmental Reporting
·Annual Audits
·Accounting and Financial Services
Terrie Jacho-Swanigan, Administrative Coordinator
Email:  tjacho-swanigan@ilajax.com
·Administrator Support
·Man-Hours Assessments/Collections
·Customer Service
·Record Retention
Dahlia Kelly, Benefits Coordinator
Email:  dkelly@ilajax.com
·Weekly Disability
·Long-Term Disability
·Workers Compensation
·Ancillary Benefits (Dental, Vision and Life)
·Customer Service
Samuel Torres, Project Manager
Email: storres@ilajax.com
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